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Helping you to shine in your personal and professional lives

Red Shoe Coaching is here to help if you have found yourself working under drastically different circumstances or searching for a new role due to the current Coronavirus situation.

We are offering coaching through various online platforms and are offering significantly reduced rates for coaching sessions.

Why Choose Red Shoe?

Red Shoe Coaching are passionate about helping people to realise their career, work and life goals. We believe that coaching can be the tool that helps unlock the path to make genuine and lasting change.

We warmly welcome all people to experience coaching with us, but we have a particular passion for working with women and parents. At Red Shoe, we recognise that returning to work after having kids often leads to a desire (or necessity) to change working hours, employers, roles, or careers and that can be daunting – our mission is to help make that process feel, and be, achievable. 

Coaches are a great partner to have in your corner! We champion you to achieve your goals, we provide tough love when needed and we remind you that you have the capacity to achieve anything you want with the right support, the right encouragement, the right questions. 

As well as coaching, we also offer bespoke HR Consulting Services from a coaching mindset. 

Who is Coaching For

Coaching can provide a benefit to just about anyone – the sky is the limit to what coaching can help you achieve!  You can receive coaching on just one goal or several, though it is best to tackle them one at a time so that you get the most focus and value out of your sessions.

Does the Red Shoe fit

We think it is imperative that you have the right coach for you. That’s why we offer a 15 minute complimentary session, so we can get to know each other and make sure the shoe fits!

Myths about Coaching

As important as it is to tell you what we do, it is also worth noting what we don’t do – clear and realistic expectations make for a much more fulfilling coaching relationship.

Meet your Coaches

Megan Boyd

Professional Career, Workplace and HR Coaching 

Julie Boyd

Professional Business and Executive Coaching

What you can expect when you work with Red Shoe Coaching

  • Positivity
  • Professionalism
  • Responsiveness
  • Solutions focus
  • Confidentiality

Red Shoe Testimonials

“I was fortunate to have received executive coaching from Julie given her wealth of experience in the public, private and NFP sectors.  She had an innate ability to listen into the key elements of my goals and asked inciteful questions that freed me to reframe my thinking. As a result, I started to see my potential as a leader from a whole new perspective and approached my career goals with more clarity.” 

Senior HR Manager, one of Australia’s top ranked Universities

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