Red Shoe Coaching Services

Who is Coaching for?

Coaching can provide a benefit to just about anyone – the sky is the limit to what coaching can help you achieve!  You can receive coaching on just one goal or several, though it is best to tackle them one at a time so that you get the most focus and value out of your sessions.

Our Red Shoe Coaching services include:

Short and long-term coaching

We recommend 6 sessions to start with, to really invest in yourself and your work on a particular goal. We can tailor the approach of our coaching based on the scope of your goals

Returning to work

Coaching to help parents returning to work after taking time out for caring

Star performers

Coaching to assist with the retention of, and investment in, star performers

Flexible contact

Face-to-face coaching as well as virtual via online platforms or phone

Practical support

Coaching to help supervisors/leaders to provide practical support to people returning to work from taking time out for caring

Workplace challenges

Coaching for workplace challenges such as an interpersonal conflict or performance improvement

Tailored coaching

Coaching to find the right formula for you to thrive amongst your personal and professional obligations

CV and job application coaching

We don’t write it for you but ask the questions that help you to showcase your strengths and assets for any job application. Includes proofing and editing as required.

Interview preparation and coaching

To help you put your best foot forward

HR Consulting

At Red Shoe Coaching, we also have the capability to provide tailored and bespoke HR services related to HR Policy, Performance Management systems, Strategic Recruitment, and Change Management. We approach these activities with a coaching mindset.

Coaching Myths

As important as it is to tell you what we do here at Red Shoe Coaching, it is also worth noting what we don’t do. Clear and realistic expectations make for a much more                        fulfilling coaching relationship!

We WON'T tell you what to do

We provide a different service than that of a director or mentor. We won’t dictate the answers to you, instead we work collaboratively with you and we will ask amazing questions to help you find the answers that work for you.

We DON'T ‘punish’ you for not doing the work

Again, you’re a grown up and beyond the need for someone to follow you with a stick to make you do something. We WILL ask the hard questions when needed if you aren’t taking the action you’ve committed to, but this always comes from a position of support, encouragement and belief that you can meet your goals once we find the right approach for you. And we absolutely WILL celebrate all your wins and achievements no matter how big or small!

We DON'T provide counselling about past events

We are different to psychologists and counsellors who help address the past, as we are firmly focussed on changing the future. Of course your past impacts on your future, however if you have mental health challenges that are in play it may be helpful to seek counselling support before, or in tandem with, coaching.

We DON'T do the hard work for you

You’re a grown up and you make your choices to take action or not. But we can act as an accountability partner if this is something that will help to motivate you to take your next steps, we only do this if this is your preference based on what works for your personality and style.

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